Woman stabs store guard 27 times after being told to wear a mask

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Face mask attack: Woman stabs employee 27 times after being told to wear mask in Homan Square store, Chicago police say
Two women are charged after stabbing an employee who told them to wear a mask inside a store in the 3200 block of West Roosevelt Rd, according to Chicago police.

CHICAGO -- Two sisters accused of stabbing a West Side Chicago store security guard 27 times with a knife after he asked them to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer were ordered held without bond Tuesday.

The alleged attack late Sunday by Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, left the 32-year-old victim hospitalized in critical condition, police spokeswoman Karie James said.

A woman went on a tirade inside a San Diego County Starbucks after she was asked by a barista to wear a face mask.

An argument that began after the women refused the guard's request to wear masks became physical when one of the women punched the man, James said. Jessica Hill allegedly pulled a knife from her back pocket and began stabbing the man, while Jayla Hill held him in place by his hair. The man was stabbed in his chest, back and arms.

The women were arrested at the scene of the attack and both were treated for minor lacerations at a nearby hospital, James said.

During Tuesday's bond hearing before Cook County Circuit Judge Mary C. Marubio, the women's court-appointed attorney said the stabbing was self-defense, adding both women suffered from a bipolar disorder.

Prosecutors said the guard never approached either women before the attack.

Video captures an irate woman at a pizza place berating staff for refusing to serve her order because she wasn't wearing a mask.