'Chinatown Pretty' photo book captures vibrant style of senior citizens in Chinatowns across country

ByDion Lim Localish logo
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Capturing Chinatowns' most stylish seniors
The "Chinatown Pretty" photo book offers style tips from the country's most stylish seniors.

SAN FRANCISCO -- "Chinatown Pretty" is a photo book that captures the vibrant style of senior citizens in Chinatowns across the country.

"'Chinatown Pretty' is a term we coined. It's used to describe the eclectic, interesting street style we see amongst the senior set," co-author Andria Lo explains.

"We started the project around 2014. We set out to understand: where did they get these amazing shoes? What do they do on a day-to-day basis? And we interviewed them about their life story and their outfit," Valerie Luu adds.

The book highlights the layers, colors, patterns, vintage and new looks and styles of senior citizens across Chinatowns in the U.S and Canada.

"Do you think these seniors can teach us about style?" ABC7's Dion Lim asks.

"I think one of our biggest takeaways is not to care as much. I think that's something Andria said once: 'I've kind of learned to just let go and wear what I want even if it doesn't match exactly.'"

Luu and Lo have received heartfelt comments from a younger generation about their book. "I think it just shows how hungry our generation and just our culture are for stories about ourselves and an older generation," Lo reveals.