Protesters play Christine Blasey Ford testimony, dress as handmaids outside Kavanaugh speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was met by protesters playing Christine Blasey Ford's testimony to Congress outside an event in Washington, D.C. Thursday night. Protesters also dressed in red capes similar to the ones in Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale".

Kavanaugh was a speaker at the annual Federalist Society convention black-tie dinner. The event is known as the premier gathering for conservatives in law.

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During Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings in 2018, Blasey Ford testified that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh when they were both in high school. He denies the allegation.

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Kavanaugh went on to take up the Supreme Court post after being nominated by President Donald Trump.

Blasey Ford went on to become a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Thursday night's dinner is also causing controversy for Menlo Park-based Facebook. The company is listed as a "gold circle" sponsor of the 2019 National Lawyers Convention, which is put on by the Federalist Society.

The not-for-profit progressive group Demand Justice released an ad campaign calling for supporters to "tell Facebook: stop funding the fight to normalize Brett Kavanaugh". Democratic candidate for President, Elizabeth Warren, tweeted Facebook's support of the event was "corruption".

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