After holidays, here's how to recycle your Christmas tree

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When the holiday is over and the tinsel is taken down don't just toss your tree and send it to a landfill. Recycle it.

The city of Los Angeles will accept Christmas trees, grind them up and turn them into mulch that is available for free.

Last year, the Los Angeles Sanitation Bureau made 85 tons of mulch out of 100,000 recycled Christmas trees.

To recycle your tree you can cut it up and put it in your green bin, leave it on your curb for pick up, drop it off at one at 12 LA city Fire Department stations or take it to a mulching facility.

On Jan. 8, trees can also be brought to one of six city Recreation and Park locations.

Fire officials warn residents to not keep trees too long after the holiday season has ended, because they can dry out and become a serious fire hazard. They also warn people to not use Christmas trees for firewood because the sap can get hot and explode.

More information about Christmas tree recycling is available here at the Sanitation Bureau website or by calling 1-(800)773-2489.
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