Claris Health debuts free mobile clinic to LA County

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Claris Health debuts free mobile clinic to LA County
Claris Health debuts free mobile clinic to 27 cities across LA County.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- "I love the fact that it resembles the actual clinic itself and it's clean and everyone's friendly and very informative," Brandy Swinton, an Inglewood resident, said about the new Claris Health mobile clinic.

With their affordable clinics, Claris Health has been serving communities in Los Angeles for over 40 forty years, but they've recently launched something new.

"It's like an actual real clinic on wheels!" Swinton said.

The free Claris Health mobile clinic launched October and their goal is to make health care more accessible.

"There are so many people that need health care and they don't have access to services," Abby Clausing, Claris Health nurse manager said. "So, with the mobile clinic, we actually drive into their neighborhoods and are able to offer them health screenings, pregnancy testing and STD testing."

"People are scared to go to clinics or even to the hospital and being able to go freely to something at an event is a great thing," Swinton said.

The Claris Health mobile clinic launched last month serving 27 sites around LA County, including Inglewood, Watts and Compton. They're already getting continuous requests to expand even further.

CEO of Claris Health Talitha Phillips, said she wants it to be about more than just physical wellness.

"Inglewood has been a special place for us," Phillips said. "There's so many neighborhoods in Inglewood that need the support and more than just the physical medical care, they also need to know that people are there for them long term."

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