10-year-old Watts girl, aspiring journalist learns from ABC7 reporter and tours college news studio

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- At 10 years old, little Lauren Williams already has big dreams for when she grows up. The Watts resident wants to be a news reporter.

"I want to be a journalist," said Williams. "I just want to be on camera and you know help the world and tell them the things."

With the help of her parents, Williams started making videos reporting the news since she was six years old.

"She has always been a couple of steps ahead of the game," said Katya Ross, Williams' mother. "We are very proud of her."

Williams' parents said this aspiration came from when she met Los Angeles newscasters working in the field. On one occasion, I met Williams while covering a story in Watts.

"I had seen the car across the street and I wanted to basically go out but I was kind of shy," said Williams.

But Williams got past her shyness and came out to meet each other. She showed the ABC7 crew some of her work and we recorded her doing her thing with the Channel 7 microphone.

"I was like very excited 'cause I never got to really do nothing like that ever," said Williams.

After seeing Williams' excitement, I called my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton. The College of Communications prepared a tour for Williams and her parents of the broadcast studio on campus.

"The memories that she has or the things that happen are really going to impact where she sees herself," said Jasmine Meertins, an assistant professor at CSU Fullerton. "If she can already she see herself bc of the experience that we are giving her, that's going to help her do better."

Williams learned about the studio equipment, she sat on the anchor chair and did her thing reading the news off the teleprompter.

"I appreciate everything that the university is doing for her," said Lawrence Williams, Lauren's father. "Right now I am speechless because she's doing something she likes to do."

After the tour, Lauren said not only does she aspire to be a journalist, but a future Titan at Fullerton, too.

"My experience here is great and I love it here," said Williams.

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