Hollywood High School freshman is self advocate for down syndrome

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As part of down syndrome awareness week, 16-year-old Michelle Kim has taken on the role of a self advocate, sharing her story and proving to them that although people may seem different, we're all the same on the inside.

Kim is a 9th grader at Hollywood High School, where they have a down syndrome awareness week to educate students on the topic. This year, Kim delivered a speech to the student body.

"She's like me. She's very outgoing. She likes to talk. She likes to have fun. There's nothing different about her. People might assume, oh she has down syndrome, she's different. But, that's not the case. She's like everyone else," said Kristina Jinanian, a Hollywood High School student.

Thanks to Michelle Kim sharing her story, Hollywood High is now more accepting because students saw firsthand that she's just like them.

"Michelle is such a sweetheart, and she's so inspiring. She's brilliant. It's amazing to see what she can do," said Emily Hellstrom, a Hollywood High School student.

"All of us have special abilities," said Kim's mother, Elena Kim. "I don't like the word disability. We want more people to be involved and do more and more. More awareness ... so we can learn about them and be more accepting."
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