LA Food Bowl offering tasty dishes all month long

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Mary Sue Milliken of the Border Grill is creating Branzino Vera Cruzada.

Complete with these tasty ingredients: "Tomatoes, jalapeños, sweet spring peas, some Kalamata olives, these really yummy new potatoes," said Milliken.

Just one of many dishes presented at this month's L.A. Food Bowl.

A month-long food festival promising to be the biggest food festival in the history of Los Angeles. There will be panels, cookoffs, food trucks, philanthropy, night markets and theme parties.

"We're doing a big event on May 19th which is going to be super exciting called 'Plant Power the no Beast Feast,'" said Milliken.

"Now we're doing our vegan bowl. This is with Impossible meat it's all plant-based with raisins, olives a little bit of cinnamon, cumin, new potatoes fingerlings. This was Jonathan Gold's theme this year ," said Border Grill co-owner Susan Feniger.

Feniger and Milliken have been cooking together since 1981. First with City restaurant now the Border Grill chain.

"I taught her everything she knows," joked Feniger about Milliken.

Many consider their food award-winning, including Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold, who gave them his prestigious annual award.

"It's a huge honor for him to give us the Gold Award this year," Milliken said.

Jonathan Gold says this is the year of the potato, but with the Border Girls, this is the year of girl power.

"We're going to raise money for Girls Inc. and also the James Beard Foundation leadership programs which are really empowering women in the culinary field to embrace their power.

Most of the mixologists are women and women-owned wineries," Milliken said.

For the month of May there's seemingly no end to the culinary possibilities.
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