Nonprofit mobile food service Feeding in Motion gets meals to those in need

ORANGE COUNTY (KABC) -- An Orange County nonprofit has been helping feed families in need for more than a decade. Feeding in Motion makes sure no food gets wasted. And their work became even more important with the pandemic, with the number of people in need skyrocketing over the last year.

"I was just getting over my first cancer, stage 4 breast cancer, and I was doing 25-50 families a week. Since the COVID, now it's 100 to 200 a week," said Brenda Smith, the CEO of Feeding in Motion.

Smith knows what it is like to deal with disease. She has fought and survived cancer twice. Through it all, with the help of volunteers, she has continued her charity work.

"Find something that you love doing best," said Smith.

Feeding in Motion is growing fast, and has some very big goals.

"It is to make sure we feed those by the thousands, to make sure we eradicate food insecurity," Odessa Cegers, the nonprofit's executive director.

"That's the joy of my life, and it makes me cry, because that's one less family that doesn't have to go to the streets, one less family that won't become homeless," said Smith.

She is not slowing down and as long as there is someone in need Feeding in Motion will be on the move, too.

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