Saving you money! The Highland Park shop where you need your own container

HIGHLAND PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Looking to become more environmentally friendly?

There's a new shop in Highland Park called Sustain L.A. that's joining the zero-waste movement.

"Plastic pollution is a crisis in this generation," said Leslie Campbell, founder of Sustain L.A.

"Plastic serves a purpose but it lasts forever. So, to create something that lasts forever with the intention of using it for only seconds or minutes and then disposing of it is not sustainable," she said.

According to National Geographic, more than 40% of plastic gets used once and then thrown out.

Campbell's zero-waste initiative started last year when she launched Sustain L.A. as a pop-up booth at a few farmers' markets. But she quickly outgrew her booth and just opened her first brick and mortar location.

How does it work? Bring any container you have to the store to refill it with the appropriate products.

For example: dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, detergent, etc.

"We provide scales so you can weigh the empty container and then fill it up," said Campbell. "We will deduct that Tare weight so you only pay for what's inside."

Tare weight is the weight of an empty container.

Sustain L.A. also carries household goods like plastic straws and tooth brush alternatives.

Campbell has lived in Highland Park for years and is excited to be connect with the community in a new way.

"The Northeast L.A. community is awesome and full of zero-waste and sustainably-minded people. It's an extension of our home and it's just a wonderful place to be," she said.
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