Hair stylists launch statewide petition hoping to be deemed an 'essential business'

California hair stylists are fighting to reopen their businesses, while practicing safe and clean protocols.

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Friday, April 24, 2020
Hair stylists launch petition to be deemed 'essential'
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Hair stylists in California have launched a petition to be deemed as an "essential business," hoping enough signatures will allow them to get back to work.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When California's stay-at-home order was first put into place, no small businesses were affected more than hair salons and barbershops. Deemed "non-essential," they were forced to close their doors despite already having some of the most strict regulations regarding sanitization and cleanliness.

Now there are several petitions floating around California, and the nation, asking that hairstylists be deemed essential, so they can reopen for business while practicing safe and clean protocols.

"We can take precaution and take one client at a time," said Corina Garcia, owner of the Style Lounge in Pasadena. "So that we can get people feeling good about themselves...creating that energy again back in the world."

Chris Bair, owner of Shorty's Barbershop in West Hollywood told ABC7, "We do have a very high standard of cleaning and disinfecting after every client."

The petition promises salons and barbershops will still comply with recommendations put forth by the the city and state including face coverings and gloves worn at all times, and one client at a time with a break in between to promote social distancing.

"We take one client at a time and in between clients allowing 15-20 minutes of just sanitizing," said Garcia. "I take this very seriously... I want to be able to open my doors so I can get my rent covered, because eventually this is all going to go away and I still want to keep my business."