SoCal shutdown: Aerial tour shows near-empty beaches, freeways, malls amid coronavirus

Scott Reiff Image
Sunday, March 22, 2020
SoCal shutdown: Aerial tour shows near-empty beaches, freeways
An AIR7 HD tour of Southern California shows beaches, freeways and mall parking lots that are nearly empty as the coronavirus shuts down most activities.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- From Santa Monica to the Inland Empire, activity throughout Southern California has gone quiet as Californians are asked to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

An aerial tour of the region with Scott Reiff in AIR7 HD shows empty parking lots in malls, freeways with light traffic and scatterings of people on beaches and hiking trails maintaining their social distancing.

The few places that do have packed parking lots are Costcos and supermarkets.

For more details, watch the video above.

Southern California residents shared how they were adjusting to the first weekend of the "Safer at Home" order on Saturday.