CDC says coronavirus does not easily spread on most surfaces

The CDC has not changed its position on how COVID-19 spreads.
Confusing headlines popped up online Thursday after the CDC reworked a section on its website that explains how the coronavirus spreads.

The website stated that the virus does not spread easily on most surfaces, but according to the CDC, this was already known.

ABC News Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Jen Ashton clarified this Thursday morning.

"The fact of the matter is that just because you can detect a virus on a surface doesn't mean it can actually infect someone," Dr. Ashton said.

"This latest CDC information is just saying that contact surface transmission not the primary route by which people are getting sick. It's still through the air via talking, coughing, laughing, singing, sneezing, that's why those masks or face coverings may be playing such an important role in reducing the spread of this virus."

Dr. Ashton recommends people still wash their hands and clean surfaces around you.

The CDC has not changed its position on how COVID-19 spreads. The CDC has always said it recommends cleaning surfaces and washing hands.

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