Coronavirus: Mayor Garcetti temporarily suspends all farmer's markets in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Monday that he was temporarily suspending all farmer's markets in the city amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Garcetti said all farmer's markets are temporarily suspended in Los Angeles until they submit plans to the city's Bureau of Street Services that enforce physical distancing and "ensure safe operations."

"Most likely it will be one entrance, one exit -- people safely lined up with a safe distance to get in," Garcetti said during the news conference on Monday.

The announcement came after crowds packed farmer's markets in Southern California over the weekend.

"This past weekend, some of our farmer's markets became too crowded. As much as we love them, we just cannot take any chances with this virus," said Garcetti.

Garcetti said this closure was different from previous closures, including beaches and city parks, because "food is essential and I don't want the closing of farmer's markets to have even bigger crowds at our grocery stores."

Garcetti said if farmer's market operators submit their plans Monday night, Street Services will look at them "immediately" and they will be able to continue operating later this week.
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