OC neurological practice using touchless temperature detection cameras to ward off COVID-19

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- As more businesses reopen, employers are taking steps to ensure the safety of its workers, and one neurology practice in Orange County is trying out a different approach.

Neurologist Anthony Ciabarra says the best way to keep them safe is to keep anyone with the virus from coming into the office. He's using his brother's toucheless temperature detection camera to help with that.

"You don't want them sitting in a waiting room for half an hour before you realize that they're infected," Anthony said. "We find that somebody has a fever, we probably ask them to reschedule or check in with their primary doctor."

As the co-founder of Athena Security, Chris Ciabarra said he had all the technology for it thanks to his weapons-detection company.

And with adjustments to the sensitivity of his infrared cameras, they can take temperature readings on a thousand points on an individual's face. A quick snapshot is all it takes.

"So you're going to come in. You're going to look at the camera. You just keep moving. There's no reason that you have to stop. The technology takes an image every one-sixteenth of a second and be able to tell your temperature," Chris said.

The co-founder of the platform said that's about 2,000 people per hour with physical distancing.The information can be stored on location, or accessed remotely through a network, depending on the package purchased.

Small businesses are looking at about $17,000 dollars minimum for a unit.

Chris said the greatest benefit is that these readings don't require staffed entry points, reducing the risk of infection to employees.

The cameras cannot see through glass and may also take readings from the forehead if necessary, so it is required to remove ones hat and glasses for the temperature reading.
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