SurveyUSA poll: Americans making changes to several aspects of daily life amid coronavirus fears

Americans are making changes to almost every aspect of their daily lives and interactions with others due to the coronavirus, according to an exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by Survey USA.

The adjustments to everyday habits span from shaking hands with others, wiping down grocery carts before touching them and actively engaging in social distancing.

When asked if they chose to not to attend a large, public gathering 31% of survey participants said yes.

With all the changes and restrictions to travel, 16% said the novel coronavirus outbreak has caused them to postpone or cancel a vacation.

Here are the responses to each question in the poll:

1. As a result of the coronavirus, have you bough extra hand sanitizer?

39% Yes
61% No

2. Begun to stockpile non-perishable food items?

15% Yes
85% No

3. Begun to stockpile drinking water?

16% Yes
84% No

4. I no longer shake hand with people I would normally shake hands with.

40% Yes
60% No

5. Stopped participating in regularly scheduled small gatherings?

13% Yes
87% No

6. Chose not to attend religious services?

10% Yes
90% No

7. I no longer hug people I used to hug.

26% Yes
71% No

8. I have begun social distancing, where I avoid places where I may run into others.

32% Yes

68% No

9. I am afraid to touch the shopping carts at my supermarket unless I wipe them down first.

32% Yes
68% No

10. I am afraid to touch elevator buttons.

26% Yes
74% No

11. I carry a small bottle of sanitizer with me at all times.

35% Yes
65% No

12. I am working from home some days because of the virus.

10% Yes
90% No
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