Children's music small business stays afloat, offers free sing-alongs

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Small businesses everywhere have had to scramble to find ways to stay afloat during the pandemic. Bebu Music, a husband and wife run children's music and entertainment company in Los Angeles, decided to take their classes online. But they also wanted to offer their online community free sing-alongs to help parents cope and keep their little ones entertained and educated.

"We're very much into edu-tainment, that nice balance of education and entertainment," said Paulie Z, musician and co-founder of Bebu Music.

"It's really masked into every song that we do. You're learning about body parts. You're learning about numbers, about colors," said Bebu Music co-founder and musician Lucia Marco. "And all of these things are intertwined with the entertainment experience."

Although the entrepreneurial couple has adapted well to "safer at home" orders, Paulie Z says it didn't come without effort.

"The hard part is that nobody was prepped. It's not like we said 'Hey, let's transition to an online platform and here's A, B and C.' It's just like overnight, you have to change your whole business."
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