Santa Monica volunteers protect seniors with new grocery delivery service

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the most vulnerable, new grocery delivery options are rapidly becoming available.

One community-based delivery service was just created last week by Santa Monica resident, Lorena Camarena.

"There are so many people out there, like me, that want to help, that are looking to do something positive," Camerena said.

Camarena was struck by the idea when she had a conversation with her 83-year-old neighbor about her difficult time getting food.

"Having my parents in San Francisco and not really being there to help them, I kind of wanted to help other people like them," said Lorena.

Santa Monica Community Helpers was launched with an army of volunteers ready to take orders and deliver groceries, medicine and toiletries directly to seniors.

"Lorena, you're a blessing to me. You're like saving my life. I have no one else," said Santa Monica resident Elani Curtis.

With a simple phone call, anyone 65 or over can create a list of essentials without exposing themselves to COVID-19.

"There are folks that now are homebound and need the service and can pay, and then there are people that can't pay and also can't go out. And we help anyone of those groups of people," Lorena said.

"It's like an angel from heaven delivered those groceries to me," said Curtis.

If you need help or looking to volunteer, visit Santa Monica Helpers or call 323-609-3262.
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