Coronavirus: Southern California residents grateful to return to US after stranded in Peru

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Gail Hershowitz and Liora Cohen are grateful to be back home in Southern California after getting stranded in Peru when the government suddenly shut down the borders in response to the novel coronavirus.

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The pair and their small tour group were headed up to Machu Picchu when they were told they had less than 24 hours to get out.

After nearly a week they managed to get on a flight chartered by the Peruvian travel company they were working with but hundreds of other Americans haven't been so lucky.

The group of travelers from Southern California say they are running out of food and supplies at their hotel, other stranded Americans running low on life-sustaining medications.

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Hershowitz and Cohen say they got very little help from the U.S. Embassy and say the U.S. government needs to step up.

President Trump pledged on Sunday help is on the way.

Hershowitz and Cohen say the other big shock came once they finally landed back in the U.S.
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