Cougar found in Monrovia with burned paws in 2020 spotted on wildlife camera recently, looks healthy

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Monday, July 12, 2021
Burned cougar found in backyard in 2020 looks healthy on wildlife cam
A cougar that turned up injured in a Monrovia backyard last year was spotted on a wildlife camera recently, and she appears to be doing well!

There some positive news and an exciting update to a story we've been following now for nearly a year.

Remember the mountain lion found in Monrovia with burned paws last fall?

The cougar was spotted on a wildlife camera in the San Gabriel Mountains last weekend, and these new pictures appear to show her doing very well.

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A cougar likely burned in the Bobcat Fire is finally on the mend after she turned up in a backyard in Monrovia.

The big cat was rescued by the Cougar Conservancy during the Bobcat Fire last September.

Her burned paws were treated using fish skin -- and she was eventually released, becoming the first cougar to be rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild in California history.

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Three mountain lion cubs have been adopted by a zoo in Ohio after their recovery from the Zogg Fire.