Art challenge has people making masterpieces at home

LOS ANGELES -- The COVID-19 pandemic has forced museums across the country to close but many are finding ways to engage the community with their art on social media.

One of the most popular is the art challenge, where museums ask people to recreate works of art with objects found at home.

"So many people get involved on social media, that you're able to connect with people around the world and be inspired by what they're doing," said Amanda Ross of Canyon County, CA. "Aside from working, you're just at home. This is a way to allow yourself some creativity. It's something different to do. It's just fun."

"We have recreated everything from masterpieces to modern day paintings," said Kris Olson a regular art challenge participant from West Hollywood, CA. "People have involved their children. Husbands get recruited. It's just figuring out what you have at home in a fun, creative way to make it work."