LA County to lift COVID-19 emergency declarations Friday. Here's what to know

Friday, March 31, 2023
LA County to lift COVID-19 emergency declarations Friday
Los Angeles County's local emergency declarations due to COVID-19 will be lifted at the end of the day Friday, resulting in the closure of county-run virus-testing centers.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- After years of the pandemic, the local public health emergency for COVID-19 ends March 31.

Los Angeles County will now focus on balancing prevention and living with COVID-19.

PCR testing centers will also end operations. The Department of Health Services said they saw a 94% decrease in demand for in-person testing.

People will still be able to pick up testing kits at participating locations across L.A. County at certain organizations and libraries.

Testing services will still be available if you do not have insurance at all Department of Health Services operated hospitals and clinics. Rapid tests will still be available at most pharmacies and urgent cares.

Post-COVID illnesses are not just physical. Many can come in the form of depression, anxiety and in extremely rare cases, severe disorganized thinking.

Those who receive Medi-Cal health benefits might experience some changes.

"Over the next 12 months, our department is going to resume the normal processing of medical renewals. So, it's important to know that the actual health benefits, they're not ending on March 31. It's going to be a phased approach that's happening over the next 12 months," said Javier Corral, an administrator with the Department of Public Social Services.

When it's time for to renew medical benefits, you will receive a letter or renewal packet in the mail.

"Once you receive that, it's important for you to return it to us timely so we can go ahead and make that determination to see if they're going to continue receiving benefits," Corral said.

The benefits will continue without interruption until you receive a letter or renewal packet. It's important the contact information listed is correct.

For more information, visit L.A. County's website. To request a COVID test, click here.