Country singer Craig Strickland missing during hunting trip in Oklahoma

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Country singer Craig Strickland missing, friend found dead in Oklahoma
A search is underway for country singer Craig Strickland who went missing during a duck hunting trip in Oklahoma.

KAY COUNTY, Okla. (KABC) -- Country singer Craig Strickland is missing after heading out on a duck hunting trip in the middle of a monster winter storm pummeling the South.

Strickland and his friend Chase Moreland went duck hunting in Kay County, Oklahoma on Saturday. The South has been battered by furious storms and tornadoes this past week.

Twenty-four hours after they left, family members became worried when the two fell out of touch.

In the early hours on Monday, the boat they were using was found capsized and Morland was found dead. The search continues for Strickland, who was believed to be on the same boat.

In a very eerie twist, Morland had posted an ominous tweet on Saturday just a few hours before they left for their trip, almost foreshadowing their disappearance.

Strickland retweeted the message that same day.

Strickland is the lead singer of the rock-country band, Backroad Anthem. They were scheduled to play in Little Rock on New Year's Eve.

Strickland's father has been posting regular updates and prayers via the band's social media.