New dog collar turns barks into cuss words

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
New dog collar turns barks into cuss words
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A new collar will translate your dog's barks into cuss words, allowing your furry friends to express their frustrations for the time you may have forgotten to give them a treat.

A new dog collar made by the company MSCHF will let your dog vent all of its frustration by turning barks into cuss words.

The $60 dog collar will interject a cuss word every time your dog barks. Now there won't be any mystery as to what your dog is feeling when they are denied a belly rub.

While the novelty collar is currently sold out, people who can't wait to hear their dogs cuss up a storm can visit the company's website to receive a text notification 24 hours before the next batch of cuss collars are set to launch.

The pre-recorded words include B.S., the F-bomb and several others. The website notes that this collar is not intended for training purposes and that it is simply a gag gift.