'Dancing with the Stars' sees 2 eliminations on movie night

ByCari Skillman KABC logo
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Dancing with the Stars sees double elimination
Two couples were eliminated after "Dancing with the Stars" celebrated "a night at the movies."

LOS ANGELES -- It's the week "Dancing with the Stars" fans dread the most: double elimination!

The seven remaining couples really had to work for it this week. Their individual routines were set to specific genres as they celebrated "a night at the movies." The team with the highest score was granted immunity and was safe to dance another week; that left the other teams to face each other in a dance off!

Here's a rundown of the night's scores, from highest to lowest:

Normani Kordei: 40 out of 40

Normani's hope of perfection seemed a little out of reach at first because she's dealing with a back injury. It's hard to do an Argentine tango when it hurts to kick and dip and stretch. Val promises to choreograph a dance with plenty of content so he can please head Judge Len Goodman. Even a back strain can't keep this girl down! Len smiled that this was the best dance of the night; Bruno Tonioli awarded the couple the Oscar for best moves; Carrie Ann Inaba said it was an honor to watch Normani perform.

Simone Biles: 37 out of 40

Simone and Sasha head back to the silent-movie era and are assigned the Charleston. It's a perfect dance for their energy and gymnastic skills. The trickiest part for the couple was the fact they had to travel to Washington D.C. for a commitment Simone had with some young school kids. Lots of dancing on the road! Len Goodman said the routine had great characterization and was a joy to watch; Carrie Ann thinks Simone took a challenging dance and made it look effortless; Bruno was thrilled with the style, energy and sheer fun.

Rashad Jennings: 37 out of 40

The football great channeled a frightening horror character for his paso doble. Emma was in charge of the dance steps; Rashad came up with the scary back story. Let's just say it involved summoning a character who is also a serial killer. Len called the music epic and the dancing as well; Carrie Ann wants him to pay attention to his posture; and this week's guest judge, choreographer Mandy Moore, told Rashad he had figured out how to be a performer.

Nancy Kerrigan: 36 out of 40

Romance movies were on the schedule for Nancy and Artem and their tango. Both Heather's elimination and the fact they were in the bottom two scared Nancy but also made her realize she needs to enjoy the journey a little more. Negative Nancy was gone from rehearsal this week! Len thought the tango had quantity of steps and quality of movement; Carrie Ann thinks Nancy has blossomed; Bruno liked the elegance and sophisticated, blended with a little cheekiness.

Nick Viall: 34 out of 40

Nick was hoping to be a little James Bond-esque for his Argentine tango. He wasn't quite feeling it, so Peta brought in reinforcements: Maks! And a DWTS bromance is born! Nick is channeling his inner Maks and that secret weapon raises their scores from last week. Carrie Ann called them "hot"; Bruno thought the mission was accomplished; and Len and Mandy both think Nick has been improving every week.

David Ross: 32 out of 40

Sci-fi salsa? Only on DWTS! David and Lindsay have fun no matter what and he says this experience has already surpassed any expectations he had in the beginning of the competition. Their easygoing partnership is solidified in rehearsal, for the cameras, when Lindsay farts during a big trick. All the judges love the energy but Bruno thought David's hips were a little too stiff and robotic; Mandy thought the salsa needed a little extra spice.

Bonner Bolton: 29 out of 40

Producers were kind enough to give the professional bull rider the genre of the western. Their dance was a paso doble so Sharna had her work cut out for her! Mandy praised the choreography and also said she feels Bonner has come farther than anyone this season.

Now comes the math part of the evening. Since Normani and Val have the highest score they earned immunity, don't have to dance, and get three points added to their score.

Simone chooses Nancy as her dance-off competitor. Olympian vs. Olympian! Nancy selects cha cha for their dance. The judges thought both couples did well but agreed Simone just edged out Nancy and earned two extra points. America also got to vote (on the East and Central time zones) and sided with Simone as well.

The two pro athletes went head to head with the jive. Watching Rashad take on David was nothing but fun. These guys know how to have a good time. The judges agreed that this truly embodied what a "dance off" can be; but in the end, they all thought Rashad out "jived" David just a bit. America also went with Rashad; he and Emma get to add two points to their score.

Bonner and Nick battle it out with the rumba. The judges think both men have "peaked" at the right time and both danced for their lives in the dance off. Three judges thought Rashad was a little better; Bruno chose Nick. America also chose Rashad so he got the extra points.

The dreaded double elimination

When it came time to learn everyone's fate Tom Bergeron clicked off who was safe: Simone Biles, Rashad Jennings, Bonner Bolton and David Ross. That means Nancy Kerrigan and Nick Viall are hanging up their dance shoes for season 24.