All-star comics including David Spade, Ken Jeong join forces for online COVID-19 benefit show

On Saturday night, some of the top comedians around the world came together via livestream to lift the nation's spirits as well as to raise money for a coronavirus emergency relief fund.

An extensive roster of notable comics, including David Spade, Bob Saget and Ken Jeong, made cameos during the "Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid" event.

"As I was coming up, I remember there were comedians and mentors that, when I didn't have the gig to be able to put money in my pocket, would help me out. So I felt like this was my opportunity to join with great comics to do something fantastic for them," said comedian Dane Cook.

By the end of the hours-long event, over $350,000 was raised to benefit the stand-up comedian community with mental health, medical and crisis support, according to organizers.
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