In the Neighborhood: Danny Romero looks back at childhood memories made in Boyle Heights

BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Danny Romero moved a lot growing up, but there was one place that was the center of his life: Boyle Heights.

Every day after school was finished and in the summer, Romero, his sisters and cousins would stay with their grandparents.

It was only fitting that Romero visited the neighborhood where his grandparents lived with his mom, sisters and cousin for a trip down memory lane in Boyle Heights.

For his family, church was a central part of growing up. He recalls his family having to do a rosary before they could eat.

One festival was the source of a debated family story. Romero's sister said he was responsible for breaking her arm on a rolling slope of a schoolyard when he pushed her.

But that's not how Romero recalls the story.

"She's chasing me, I'm in front of her, she's behind me, she goes down that slope hill, and she falls - boom - breaks her arm," Romero said. "I did not push her. I was nowhere near her."

Whether it's having burritos at El Tepeyac restaurant or celebrating life's big moments, the family memories made in Boyle Heights is everything for Romero.
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