7 adorable moments between pro-athlete dads and their kids

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Saturday, June 6, 2015
Miami Heat's LeBron James stands with his son, LeBron Jr., during an NBA basketball news conference, Sunday, May, 5, 2013, in Miami.

This story first appeared on babble and is reprinted with permission.

With the NBA finals going full steam ahead, we can't help but notice how many male athletes are also incredible fathers. Whether they're fooling around or trying to be serious, these men are inspirational both on and off the court.

To gear us up for the excitement of the NBA Finals, we've rounded up some of our favorite moments between athletes and their children:

1. When Stephen Curry got emotional.

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Curry, who comes from a lineage of pro basketball players, recently made headlines when his daughter crashed his post-game interview. This new video shows that it isn't all fun and games for him -- he's truly proud to be a father.

2. When LeBron wasn't sure he knew best.

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LeBron James is famous for his legendary basketball career, but when the time came to consider signing with a new team, he left the decision up to his children. It's safe to say they weren't exactly devastated to return home to Cleveland.

3. When Shaq and his kids broke it down.

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Known for calling himself "Superman," Shaquille O'Neal proved he knows how to let loose with his kids in this hysterical video.

4. When Chris Paul's son was a copycat.

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A few years ago NBA player Chris Paul's son had Blake Griffin fans laughing when he joined a post-game conference and revealed his version of the serious "Blake Face." Kids are like sponges -- they'll copy whatever they see!

5. When Ryan Fitzpatrick created extra study time.

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After a big game, NFL quarterback and Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick took his son along to a press conference. Kids have to study, you know, so Fitzpatrick's son ended the post-game chat by showing off his amazing math skills.

6. When Jake Peavy's kids couldn't keep a secret.

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In 2014, MLB pitcher Jake Peavy let two of his sons tag along for a press conference before game six of the World Series. When the Sox won the Series in 2013, Peavy bought a Duck Boat and joked that if he won with the Giants, he would buy a trolley car. This is one of those parenting moments when we wish our kids would just keep quiet.

7. When David Beckham embarrassed his son.

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Soccer star David Beckham is not giving his kids any special treatment. In a recent interview, he embarrassed his eldest son, Brooklyn, by sharing a story about his very supervised first date.

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