David Ono reports from Japan

Eyewitness News anchor David Ono traveled to Japan and will bring you stories about the coronavirus situation there amid the Olympics backdrop of the excitement surrounding the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

David talked to the architect of the Olympic stadium, and he'll show you the exclusive access he was given for ABC7.

In addition, David went to Fukushima and visited the town that was contaminated with radioactivity, as well as badly damaged by the tsunami. Japan is converting the entire country to hydrogen, a clean burning fuel source, and this town will be the first city converted. We take a look at whether the U.S. should be doing the same with hydrogen. Southern California is leading the way in hydrogen for the U.S., with UC Irvine having the top hydrogen research facility in the country.

Watch Eyewitness News starting this Friday at 4pm for David Ono's reports.
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