Dia de los Muertos fashion show at California Flower Mall pays tribute to Mexican holiday

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Dia de los Muertos doesn't begin for another six weeks, but that didn't stop people from showing off their costumes at the California Flower Mall in downtown Los Angeles.

The ancient Mexican holiday, also known as Day of the Dead, honors family members and friends who have passed away. It's a holiday embraced by many beyond the Latino community.

"It is not Mexican Halloween. It is a sacred time and yet it's a joyful time. People are celebrating not just their departed loved ones, but also celebrating life," said Marianna Giblin, with the flower mall.

In a display of colorful wardrobe and stunning face makeup, a fashion show was held at the California Flower Mall Wednesday.

That included the iconic Catrina models in traditional flower headdresses and makeup, meant to symbolize elegance and opulence.

"It's to show you that no matter how rich you are, or much money you have, or jewelry or anything, you're still going to go the same path as someone who has less than you, which is death," said makeup and wardrobe artist Greeny Camberos.

Apart from the elaborate wardrobes, one of the most important elements of the holiday is a symbolic altar, typically created in people's homes with photos of loves ones who have passed. They're adorned with that person's favorite foods and keepsakes. And, of course, marigold flowers.

The Aztecs believed that the scent of the orange flower guided the spirits of loved ones back to their families on earth during the multi-day holiday, celebrated from Oct. 31 through Nov. 2.
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