Friendship, family, adolescence, and a giant red panda figure into Disney-Pixar's film 'Turning Red'

Sandra Oh, Rosalie Chiang, Sherry Cola lend their voices to animated coming of age film "Turning Red'
HOLLYWOOD -- In the new Disney Pixar film "Turning Red," a confident but nerdy teenager named Meilin is about to get the surprise of her life.

When she gets too excited, or faces the usual trials and tribulations of being a teenager, she turns into a giant red panda!

"I cherish all my horrible, embarrassing, messy moments because it's made me who I am today," said Rosalie Chiang, who voices Meilin.

Sandra Oh plays Meilin's very overprotective mom, a far cry from Oh's own experience growing up.

"Actually, my mother wasn't overprotective. She wasn't. My mother is a very tough nut and she's very judgmental and hyper-critical, but she was not overprotective," said Oh.

The film has some cringe-worthy moments, likely to take viewers right back to their own awkward days as teenagers, including one with Meilin's mom trying to secretly watch her from afar.

That movie scene was replicated at the premiere, with actor Topher Ngo's mother watching her son being interviewed.

"Booking this role completely changed my career, changed my outlook on life and I've been so humbled and honored to represent Asian Americans," said Ngo.

"It blows my mind that I am on the red carpet for a Pixar movie because I'm in it! Like, what?" said actress Sherry Cola. "My parents ... I don't know where they went. They're probably taking selfies with Sandra."

"Turning Red" begins streaming March 11 on Disney+.

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