Dodger Stadium security accused of excessive force in 5 lawsuits stemming from separate incidents

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Dodger Stadium security accused of excessive force in 5 lawsuits
Five new lawsuits filed against the Los Angeles Dodgers accuse stadium security of excessive force and false arrests.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Five new lawsuits filed against the Dodgers accuse security staff at Dodger Stadium of using excessive force and conducting false arrests.

In one incident, a bystander's cellphone video shows Dodgers security confronting Daniel Ultreras. He says he doesn't understand why.

"No way -- it's not safe. I don't feel safe," Ultreras said in an interview with ABC7.

That confrontation occurred last week during the All-Star Game. Ultreras said he was feeling ill at the time. He said he had thrown up and was leaving the stadium when he was confronted by several security guards.

"I said, 'I'm leaving,' and then they just kept pushing at me poking me, being super-aggressive," Ultreras said. "I believe a security guard even tried tripping me twice."

Ultreras' attorney Peter diDonato said he is representing five clients who are each suing the Dodgers for similar incidents. According to diDonato, the Dodgers' security staff includes off-duty Los Angeles Police Department personnel. diDonato sees a pattern of misconduct.

"Security has a very heavy-handed approach and, frankly and unfortunately, a disrespect that I've seen for Dodger fans," diDonato said.

diDonato is also representing Gregory Dixon, who said Dodger Stadium security attacked him when he was coming back from the restroom.

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"Out of nowhere, I get tackled from behind," Dixon said. "And this guy was huge. He drove me to the ground like I was a football player."

Dixon was taken on a citizens arrest for battery on a security guard. When he appeared in court, there were no charges filed.

"And that seems to be the go to excuse, no matter what it is -- 'battery on a security guard'," diDonato said.

ABC7 reached out to the Dodgers organization, which declined to comment on pending litigation.

diDonato said he wants changes to Dodgers security. He feels there needs to be better training and proper investigation of all incidents.