Dodger-themed 'churro mobile' getting big boost selling sweet treats in Lincoln Heights

Craving a sweet treat? This Dodger blue Volkswagen Beetle riding around Lincoln Heights has some of the most popular churros.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022
A look inside the Dodger-themed 'Churro mobile' making big moves
You may have seen this Volkswagen Beetle riding around Lincoln Heights painted Dodger blue. Inside, you'll find some of the most popular churros in town, and a man with a big dream.

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A Volkswagen Beetle proudly painted Dodger blue, running across L.A.'s new Sixth Street bridge, is just the start of Carlos Pavon's American dream, and it's gaining popularity on social media.

It's also where Pavon, the owner of Churros El Bochito, runs, stores and transports his business - all of its warm churros filled with cajeta and much more, made to order.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Thursday, Pavon said that the car is well-organized to fit everything he needs.

He even called it roomy.

The idea of working out of this car came from his home country, Mexico, where bugs are known as bochitos and are very common.

Selling churros? Well, that's a family business.

Pavon said he grew up without a father, so he often ended up at street markets selling churros with his grandfather.

The Fernando Valenzuela fan said the paint was a no-brainer.

As he tugged on his Dodgers shirt, Pavon said he's been bleeding Dodger blue since childhood.

With the help of social media, things were finally looking up, but it took a lot of work, sweat and heartache for Pavon to get to this point.

Fighting back tears, he shared he almost lost his life to COVID-19. Sales were hardly there. He was desperate.

Pavon knew he had to get creative to gain a following.

His wife, however, wasn't too pleased with the car's transformation.

"You should see how my mom, how bad she told us off, just because of what we did to it," said Pavon's son, Carlos Pavon Jr. "So she got mad at us and it was pretty crazy."

That scolding was worth it.

With his bochito's blue beam beckoning anyone craving a sweet, late-night treat, Pavon works towards the next step: upholstery, and one day, his very own brick and mortar.

You can usually find Churros El Bochito out and about Wednesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. at 2317 Pasadena Ave.

Catering is also available.