Dodger fan honors life of iconic broadcaster Vin Scully with tattoo

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Friday, August 12, 2022
Dodger fan honors late iconic broadcaster Vin Scully with tattoo
A Dodger superfan honored the life of the iconic broadcaster Vin Scully with a tattoo on the fan's leg.

CARSON, Calif. (KABC) -- Dodger superfan Valente Quintero showed his love for late iconic broadcaster Vin Scully with a permanent tattoo on his leg.

"Vin Scully means everything not just to me, [but] for the city of L.A. We would hear him every day at our homes since we were kids," Quintero said. "I had to come out here and just show my passion and my love for that great announcer that was an announcer for the boys in blue."

Quintero is a fan known for his unique presentation at games. He paints his head as a baseball for when he attends game, which is why he's also known as "Baseball Head." His Scully tattoo is his third Dodger-related tattoo.

"It just adds more history to who I am and how much this game means to me. Baseball means a lot to me, especially the boys in blue. Honestly, they helped me turn my life around," Quintero said.

Baseball Head's tattoo of Scully took almost eight hours to complete and said the portrait of Scully selected is special to him.

"It is an amazing picture. It is a blue heaven picture right there. Ever since I seen it I had my eyes on it," Quintero said.

The tattoo was done at Madball Tattoos in Carson by artist Cyril Gomez, who is also known as Madball.

"This is actually my first Vin Scully tattoo I've done. Vin Scully means to me basically the Dodgers, L.A.," Gomez said.

"Thank you to Madball Tattoos," Quintero said. "He was one of the greatest. Legends never die. He will always be in our hearts and will always be on my leg now."

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