Dijon Kizzee shooting: Security, doorbell videos capture South LA deputy-involved shooting

Two videos are providing new insight into how many shots may have been fired and how quickly during a controversial deputy-involved shooting in South Los Angeles on Monday.
SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two videos are providing new insight into how many shots may have been fired and how quickly during a controversial deputy-involved shooting in South Los Angeles on Monday.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies shot and killed Dijon Kizzee, 29, during a confrontation Monday afternoon. They say he punched a deputy and was in possession of a gun that was spotted among some items of clothing he dropped to the ground during his fight with two deputies.

Already, activists and witnesses are raising questions about whether the shooting was justified.

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Protesters are demanding answers in the fatal deputy-involved shooting of Dijon Kizzee in South Los Angeles.

Doorbell video provided by a resident of the neighborhood provides audio of what appears to be at least 15 to 16 shots fired during the incident.

The video, timestamped 3:14 p.m., shows two residents peeking out their front door as they hear the commotion and then running back inside as they hear multiple shots ring out in rapid succession.

While the 10-second video snippet provided to Eyewitness News includes the sound of at least those shots, it is not clear if additional shots were fired immediately before or after the video.

WATCH: Security camera captures South Los Angeles deputy-involved shooting
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Authorities say Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies shot and killed a Black bicyclist they stopped for a traffic violation after he assaulted a deputy and reached for a firearm that he dropped.

Another angle from what appears to be a security camera captured the incident, including the struggle, and within seconds, Kizzee was shot.

Witnesses have described hearing as many as 20 shots. Sheriff's officials have disputed that number but have not yet provided their own figure. Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are not currently equipped with body cameras.

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The incident happened Monday afternoon in the area of Budlong Avenue and 109th Place.

Monday evening, Sheriff's Department Lt. Brandon Dean offered a summary of what investigators had learned so far about the incident:

It began when deputies who were driving in the area saw a man riding a bicycle and decided to pull him over for a vehicle code violation in the area of 110th and Budlong. The department has not specified what type of vehicle code violation the deputies suspected.

The man - later identified as Kizzee - dropped the bike and ran off. Deputies caught up to him on 109th. At that point, they say, Kizzee fought with the deputies and punched one of them in the face.

He had been carrying some clothing in his hands, which he dropped it to the ground. The two deputies spotted a handgun among the items of clothing he had dropped. At that point was when the shooting occurred.

Investigators believe Kizzee was reaching for the gun on the ground.

"The suspect made a motion toward the firearm, it was at that time a deputy involved shooting occurred, the sheriff's department said in a statement Tuesday.

Kizzee was struck more than once by the gunfire. He died at the scene.

A semiautomatic handgun was recovered at the scene.

The shooting has led to protests by civil rights activists, including the group Black Lives Matter.

Several elected officials are also calling the incident another unjustified shooting of a Black man.

"These are the families that I represent, this is another killing of a young Black man. It keeps going on in this country. We have to be here, we have to stand up," said Los Angeles Rep. Maxine Waters.

Protesters joined by Kizzee's relatives on Tuesday night demonstrated in the street outside the South L.A. sheriff's station. Deputies in riot gear stood behind barricades.
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