French bulldog stolen by food delivery driver reunited with its owners after 4 days

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023
French bulldog stolen by food delivery driver reunited with owners
Chunky Monkey, a French bulldog stolen by a food delivery driver, has been reunited with its owners.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A French bulldog named Chunky Monkey who was stolen by a food delivery driver in downtown Los Angeles has been reunited with its owners.

The owners were greeted with lots of kisses from their overjoyous pet after they were able to get it back by tracking the thief down.

"It's really now sinking in that I have him back and it happened so quickly," said Caliber Cleveland, who co-owns the dog with his girlfriend.

One of Chunky's owners was walking with it down a hallway of their apartment building when the owner turned around and the dog was gone.

It turned out that the dog had been stolen by a food delivery driver who was caught on security video leaving the building and dragging the dog by the collar.

"He runs to everyone in the hallway and all our neighbors are so friendly," said Chunky's other co-owner, Annisa Gibson.

But the owners were able to track down their dog themselves. First, by using the security video as a lead.

Then, finding out what the driver had last delivered and going to a restaurant to watch security videos of the parking lot.

"Probably spent over an hour in that restaurant just looking at footage," said Cleveland.

Eventually, Chunky's owners were able to find a license plate and a cell phone number.

"It was probably someone close to him, or maybe family or something cause he offered to grab the dog right away," said Cleveland.

The person who had the dog brought him to a park to reunite him with its owners right away.

Chunky Monkey was apparently in good shape and happy to see its owners.

"He was stressed out. It took him a little while when we brought him home. He wanted to just keep us in his sight," said Cleveland.