Novato's Dr. Insomniac's Coffee and Tea serves scone-muffin mash-up, 'The Scuffin'

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Wednesday, March 16, 2022
This coffee shop serves a delicious, baked treat mash-up
Part scone. Part muffin. The "Scuffin" is the perfect baked good mash-up.Dr. Insomniacs Coffee and Tea in Novato is serving up something called the "scuffin" a baked treat that is part scone and part muffin.

NOVATO, Calif -- For regulars, it is no secret that Dr. Insomniacs Coffee and Tea in Novato sells a good cup of Jo.

"We serve top-quality coffee that's locally roasted. We buy the top-rated beans, the triple "A "rated beans," owner Codi Dada shares, "when someone tries our coffee, they notice a difference."

"The coffee is always great," customer Jeanie Stark comments.

However, Dada wanted to offer more than just fantastic coffee.

"We wanted that one thing that no one else had," Dada reveals, "we had the 'Scuffins.'"

"I remember seeing the sign years ago and going: 'what is a Scuffin,'" customer Nancy recalls.

The Scuffin is a baked good mash-up that combines the scone and the muffin.

"The outside is kind of crispy. It's got a little bit of crunch to it. We sprinkle a little sugar on top that kind of melts while it's baking, but the inside is more like a muffin. It is moist and fluffy," Dada explains.

"They're not dry. They're not too moist. They're just perfect," Nancy adds.

"We make them from scratch here. We use all-natural ingredients. We use real fruit, cream, butter, like you'd make at home," Dada notes, "we hand stir them. We don't beat them with a mixer. They come out a little bit more fluffy, and they're not as dense."

"They're yummy. They're gooey. They're great. They're just the best," regular Jeanie Stark declares.

"I come in somedays and there won't be any Scuffins because people come in and buy a dozen or so of them at a time," longtime customer Marc Medoff shares.

"We find happiness in providing coffee, quality pastries, and drinks because that creates happiness in others," Dada says with a smile.

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