Drag Queen elected to Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Drag Queen elected to Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

SILVER LAKE (KABC) -- Meet Maebe A. Girl, the first drag queen to be elected to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

"One of the things that I was even initially nervous about in terms of running is that I didn't want people to think that this was just like a stunt or a gimmick," she said. "I wanted to be somebody that is representative for not just trans people, not just LGBTQ people but every person. Especially every minority, every oppressed person."

She's lived in Silver Lake for almost 6 years and is very active in the community.

"I produce and host a number of drag shows throughout L.A. mostly between Silver Lake and Downtown L.A. So for me, it's about having a good time and expressing yourself and not being afraid to express yourself. Also providing a space where people feel welcome to come and express themselves as well," said Girl.

Outside of her LGBTQ advocacy, she already has plans to join the Homelessness Committee and wants to increase traffic safety.

"I want to help to connect a lot of our homeless residents with resources and agencies within the Los Angeles area that can assist them if desired. And one of the other things I want to do is help to install a stop sign or at least a crosswalk at what I deem to be a dangerous intersection in our neighborhood," she said.

She hopes her spot on the neighborhood council will lead the way for others.

"I hope that what I'm doing and what I continue to do inspires others to do the same and their community. Whether it be in California or anywhere else in the U.S.," she said.