Dying dog completes bucket list with final wish to help other animals

An Australian blue heeler named Buddy has inspired thousands of animals lovers by completing a bucket list set up by his owner Emily Mochan of Australia.

When her six-year-old dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January, Mochan created a Facebook page to document their end of life journey. Items on the bucket list included visiting a dog spa, riding in a limo and making friends from around the world.

Buddy was able to complete all but one item on the bucket list before passing. Fortunately, he was able to finish his list posthumously. He will complete the task of helping other pets in need through donating his toys to shelter dogs.

Following his passing thousands of messages of support were left for Buddy on the Facebook page.

"Everyone's commending me for how much effort I put into my dog's last days," Mochan told ABC Australia, "They said he was a very lucky dog, but I'm the lucky one because I had him in my life."
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