Eaton Canyon hiking trails closed after too many show up, ignore social distancing

Eaton Canyon in Altadena, a popular spot for hiking, had to shut down again Sunday after too many hikers showed up, causing neighborhood parking problems and ignoring social distancing rules.
ALTADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- People are not only flocking to reopened beaches for the Memorial Day weekend, but hiking trails as well.

Eaton Canyon in Altadena is a popular spot. So popular that the county had to close it Sunday after it attracted too many hikers, many of them not following coronavirus restrictions.

When the trails were open earlier, the parking lots had still remained shut down, causing many hikers to park in surrounding neighborhoods, upsetting local residents. Many felt the parking issues were making traffic on local streets dangerous to pedestrians and other drivers.

"People getting out of their cars and walking around in very large groups. It was a little concerning," Altadena resident Laurie Nouguier said.

Residents say there were so many cars and so many people walking around, they had trouble getting out of their own driveways.

The county says Eaton Canyon will remain closed on Memorial Day "due to overwhelming crowds that were not following the COVID-19 public health requirements."

L.A. County Parks and Recreation closed the trail, concerned about the massive number of trail users. Officials said many hikers failed to comply with public health guidance requiring them to maintain safe physical distancing and wear face coverings.

Guidelines for Los Angeles County parks are available here.
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