LAUSD board VP Nick Melvoin: District can't afford to meet teachers' demands

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Amid the ongoing Los Angeles teachers strike, Nick Melvoin, the vice president of the LAUSD Board of Education, said the district simply doesn't have the money to meet teachers' demands.

Melvoin stopped by the Eyewitness News studio to discuss the Los Angeles Unified School District board's perspective on the strike.

Melvoin said the district is making the safety of kids a top priority during the strike, in addition to providing meals.

He said the district and the teachers are not too far apart on negotiations, but the district doesn't have the money to meet the teachers' demands.

Teachers are looking for not only salary increases, but more money to reduce class size and add nurses and counselors.

Melvoin said the state and Los Angeles County have been monitoring LAUSD's finances and have provided some assistance.

He said the Los Angeles County Office of Education has appointed a financial adviser and believes the district is on the verge of insolvency. The county is offering $10 million to help hire more nurses and counselors.

The district, he said, is offering to add 1,200 employees to lower class size, and hire more nurses and counselors.

"We're looking for it, but our problem is we're being told by the county and the state not only do you not have the money the teachers are asking for, but you don't have the money to operate your district," Melvoin said.

To hear more of Melvoin's discussion of the strike, watch the video above.
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