'Eighth Grade' movie reminds us just how hard it is to navigate growing up

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Thursday, August 2, 2018
'Eighth Grade' movie reminds us just how hard it is to navigate growing up
The new movie "Eighth Grade" both breaks and warms your heart while reminding us how painful middle school can be.

In the new movie "Eighth Grade," 15-year-old actress Elsie Fisher plays a teenager who feels she's invisible and unpopular at school.

The man behind the movie is writer-director Bo Burnham, who is still coming to grips with all of the interest, good reviews and love that his film is getting.

"We made a little indie movie with 13-year-olds in Suffern, New York, last summer," said Burnham. "I mean, you know, I don't know what we thought it was going to be but not this!"

"I think the movie is just the most exciting thing I've gotten to do and, like, it was so fun to make," said Fisher. "The fact that people actually also like it is, like, that -- that's not how life works. Like, something bad is going to happen soon because this is amazing."

"We are always just trying to get the audience to feel what she's feeling," added Burnham. "We just wanted to make a visceral movie. We just wanted to make something that was like... I wanted to make a movie where your palms are sweating and you're gripping your seat and things."

"I feel good about acting, which is great," said Fisher. "I've always not been super confident in my own, like, ability but I, like, I'm feeling good about it. I don't know. I'm still an anxious person, though."

The director has also dealt with anxiety in his own life, and says he wrote the movie to try and help himself. Things are better now, with Burnham saying the best time of his life was making this movie.

"What do they say -- good art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable," said Burnham.

"Eighth Grade" is in theaters now in limited release. It's rated R.