EL Dorado Fire: Yucaipa family keeps positive outlook after losing their home, possessions in 13,700-acre blaze

Yucaipa family remains positive even after losing everything in El Dorado fire
YUCAIPA, Calif. (KABC) -- The Burton family narrowly escaped the El Dorado fire with their lives, but they returned home to find nothing but ashes.

The Yucaipa family may have lost everything, but still, they are able to focus on what's most precious.

Mike and Judy Burton lived at their Yucaipa home for 17 years.

"When we saw it coming down the hill, it started jumping 60 to 80 feet at a time," said Mike Burton.

They had been told to leave, but waited. To say they're lucky to have escaped alive is not an exaggeration.

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"The heat was horrific as we went by ... it just incinerated everything," said Mike Burton. "We didn't really think we were leaving, we just thought we'd be back in a few hours."

Now, the Burtons are looking over everything they lost. But despite the loss, this remains their home -- and a place to rebuild.

"When we come back to live here, it's going to be fresh and new and beautiful, and we didn't lose any lives," said Judy Burton.

While their outlook remains positive, they're also sharing their thoughts about how the 13,715-acre fire was started: by a smoke device at a gender reveal party.

"It was very, very foolish to celebrate with fire, pyrotechnics in a fire prone area," said Mike Burton.

"I don't have any hard feelings. I think it was innocent as far as their intentions, but I think we should take lessons from it," said Judy Burton.

In the meantime, the Burtons are leaning on family and their church community.

They say they'll be okay. They see this as a stimulus for change.
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