Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan look for love in the beautiful Irish countryside in new rom-com 'Wild Mountain Thyme'

Will they have the luck of the Irish? Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan try to find love amid the green, lush countryside in new rom-com 'Wild Mountain Thyme'
HOLLYWOOD -- Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan take us to Ireland in the new romantic comedy, "Wild Mountain Thyme." You know their characters belong together. She's loved him since they were kids. But he's a bit shy and little awkward. He's trying, though!

"It was such a treat to read it. The words were so exquisite. It was so charming, very human, very awkward. It was romantic in the most touching way," said Blunt.

"You know, I was really sort of on board with them very early when I read the script and just wanted to get an opportunity to enter that world," said Dornan.

Blunt and Dornan found they had an instant chemistry... which came in handy on a tight shooting schedule, especially for one scene 25 pages long.

"We didn't get a chance to rehearse that, you know? It was just, you know, let's just-let's stick the camera and let's go for it," said Dornan. "And, thankfully, it worked out because Emily and I were on the same page with it."

As a little girl, Emily's character in the film is told by her father, "You can do anything." Her own family isn't as vocal.

"They will tell me they're incredibly proud but it will be written, like, in a text. I think Brits are really bad at like looking at each other in the eyes and going, 'You are incredible.' That is just not something we do," said Blunt.

"Wild Mountain Thyme" was written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, who won an Oscar for his screenplay for "Moonstruck." It's rated PG-13 and is now available on-demand.
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