Big-screen trilogy ends with 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure'

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The third part of the "Maze Runner" trilogy is in theaters this week. (KABC)

The third part of the "Maze Runner" trilogy is in theaters this week.

The cast and crew had a quite scare during filming when star Dylan O'Brien was seriously injured on set. O'Brien was hospitalized with a head injury in the spring of 2016 after a stunt went wrong, which lead to production being postponed while he recuperated. Luckily, he's recovered and is ready to launch this final film in the franchise, "The Death Cure."

And despite the incident, O'Brien says being involved with the "Maze Runner" series for the last five years has been a great experience for him and his fellow cast members.

"It's always something that has meant something to us and then with that (the injury) added it's just another thing we've all been through together in a way," said O'Brien. "And, I don't know, it's incredibly momentous, it's something we'll all miss dearly but at the same time we just look at with nothing but amazing memories to be honest."

His co-stars say they share a "bittersweet feeling" about this post-apocalyptic saga drawing to a close.

"It's five years' worth of growing up. But we've all kind of grown up together, which has been quite nice," said actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster. "We've gone through these five years together as a cast, which has been one of the most special memories of this whole experience."

"Very sad that it's come towards an end, but at the same time excited to bring the fans the kind of finale that they wanted," said actor Will Poulter. "I think the film delivers in that sense, so, yes, I'm just anxious to give it to them now."

Those fans have remained loyal, and very vocal, about the "Maze Runner" family since the first novel was released in 2009. Hundreds braved the cold winter air to greet their favorite actors at the movie's premiere in London.

"That people come out and stand in the cold just for a second to say hello is really wonderful. I think we're all very grateful for that. And they are kind of normal. I've had one girl tattoo my name on her which was a little bit intense. But she seemed happy with it, so cool."

"Maze Runner: The Death Cure" is in theaters Friday, Jan. 26.
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