'Dancing with the Stars' brings the magic of Disney to the ballroom

LOS ANGELES -- The 10 remaining couples on "Dancing with the Stars" spread a bit of pixie dust all around the ballroom for this week's round of competition.

From Muppets to mermaids, pirates to Pinocchio, we heard a lot of familiar tunes with the added "Disney and dancing" magic. Viewers probably couldn't help but sing along at home. And get ready dance fans: the first perfect score of the season! But sadly, we also had to say goodbye to another DWTS pair.

Here's a rundown of the night's scores, from highest to lowest:

Jordan Fisher: 30 out of 30
Jordan and Lindsay were at the top of the heap last week and they're going to work hard to stay there. They feel the pressure, but they manage to have a lot of fun along the way. The two love this week because they are both huge Disney fans. A quick trivia quiz has Jordan edging Lindsay out with his Dis-knowledge. They dance a foxtrot to the "Moana" song originally performed by Dwayne Johnson, "You're Welcome." But this time around, they're dancing to a track recorded by Jordan himself. Head judge Len Goodman was blown over by what they were able to do in a proper foxtrot hold. He said it was so good he could forgive any "mucking about" they did in the middle of the routine. (Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli inform Len it's called a "breakdown"). Carrie Ann also called the couple unstoppable!

Frankie Muniz: 29 out of 30
Pro dancer Witney knew she had her hands full when she was given the task of transforming Frankie into a sexy, swashbuckling pirate. Their song was "Angelica" from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and their dance was the Argentine tango. Frankie argues he's always been the friendly nerd, not the hunk. Witney's choreography plus some great work from the costume, hair and make-up departments make Frankie full on Junior Johnny Depp. Len called it a proper Argentine tango and magnificent effort; he added Frankie's not going to be walking the plank for many weeks! Carrie Ann told Frankie he had some pirate game going on and they nailed the routine.

Lindsey Stirling: 28 out of 30
Lindsey saw a dream come true this week because she actually got to dress up like a princess. She told a story of being a kid and wanting to be SOMETHING Disney. She thought maybe Tinkerbell? But no, she was told she was Winnie the Pooh. Lindsey also feels a connection to Walt Disney himself, saying he inspired her when she was a struggling musician and was being told she would never make it. Same thing happened to Walt. Mark choreographed a foxtrot that Len called delightful, with every nuance in the music transcribed into movement. Carrie Ann was happy to see they didn't hide behind funny and quirky, but stayed classic; and Bruno Tonioli thought they captured the timeless style and elegance of the dance.

Victoria Arlen: 27 out of 30
Victoria and Val opened the show by channeling Disney's top characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They performed a jazz routine to the music from Walt Disney's original cartoon, "Steamboat Willie". Great choreography, plus great lighting to make them look like they were in a black and white cartoon, made for a winning piece. Victoria enjoys every bit of rehearsal and performance and said this would have been literally impossible for her to do two years ago. But she believes in Disney magic! Len thought the routine looked like a movie, full of joy and spark and all kinds of content; Bruno said it was jam packed with fun and games and performed effortlessly; and Carrie Ann applauded them for being perfectly in sync.

Nikki Bella: 27 out of 30
Nikki and Artem return to her family's roots with their jazz routine to a song from the upcoming Disney movie "Coco." Nikki's dad is of Mexican descent, and she loved learning something that honored her heritage. Artem brought in some professional folk dancers to help with their authenticity. They danced last, and Len thought the routine summed up the whole night: joyous and fun. He also told Nikki it was her best dance yet.

Terrell Owens: 25 out of 30
Terrell and Cheryl perform a quickstep to a favorite from "The Lion King." Cheryl really wants him to take the title to heart: "I just can't wait to be king". She's pushing him to be the king of the ballroom. Carrie Ann said she sees something has shifted with T.O. and his enthusiasm and connectedness is really coming through. Len told him that for such a big guy, he danced with speed and control.

Drew Scott: 25 out of 30
Drew shows us a hidden talent - he can do Muppet impressions! It comes in handy since he and Emma are doing a Viennese waltz to the Muppet song "Rainbow Connection." Kermit is not impressed with the impressions, by the way, but he is a fan of their dancing. The guest judge gave them a 10 (although it didn't count). But the scores that did count included a 9 from Carrie Ann, who said this is her favorite song and she thinks Drew is a contender. Len revealed that during week one he wasn't a fan but over the course of these weeks, Drew has changed his opinion; and Bruno told Drew he was expecting to see Gonzo on the dance floor but instead it was Prince Charming.

Vanessa Lachey: 24 out of 30
Central casting could not have chosen a better couple to portray Snow White and Prince Charming than Vanessa and Maks. Their pre-taped segment from rehearsals was a hoot and showed Maks, in miniature, playing Snow's dwarves who were all vying for Vanessa's attention. In the ballroom it was just "real" Maks, as Prince Charming, in an elegant waltz. Len liked the choreography and the amount of "proper" waltz Maks put in the routine; Carrie Ann called the dance intimate and connected and thinks they are stunning as a unit; and Bruno said it was simply a beautiful waltz.

Sasha Pieterse: 24 out of 30
Sasha seemed bummed that she keeps landing in the middle of the pack, and it happened again this week. She and Gleb have the rumba, and their song is the romantic "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid". Sasha has committed to her training routine, and it's not just about learning the dance it's also about getting in shape. She proudly reveals she has lost 37 pounds since this experience began. Carrie Ann told Sasha she could tell through her movements how much she enjoyed the dance and was mesmerized by the performance; Len called it well-crafted and warm; and Bruno appreciates that she is "going for it".

Nick Lachey: 22 out of 30
Nick is clearly frustrated at being at the bottom of the leaderboard, and being in jeopardy twice! But he's channeling that energy into rehearsal, which is good because he and Peta have the quickstep. Their song is "Bare Necessities" from "The Jungle Book" and for inspiration (and television comedy) they go to the zoo with their kids. Only Nick hears the animals heckling him. Len told Nick he did have the bare necessities of the quickstep, which are hold, posture, and movement; Carrie Ann told Nick he's better when he lets loose and has fun and encouraged him to keep going in the right direction; and Bruno loved their sense of fun and the spirit of the dance.

Spoiler Alert:
Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews quickly let us know the two couples in jeopardy this week: Frankie Muniz / Witney Carson, and Sasha Pieterse / Gleb Savchenko. The music and the drumbeats play for many seconds before it is revealed that Sasha has been eliminated.

Next week's theme is "A Night at the Movies" and sitting in as guest judge will be Shania Twain.
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