It's time to check in to 'General Hospital' for the daytime drama's annual Nurses Ball

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- ABC's "General Hospital" is back with its annual Nurses' Ball. It's a four-episode event that's become an annual favorite with fans. There's always fun, plus a surprise or two.

"People love this stuff and you get to see people singing and dancing," said Maurice Benard, who plays "Sonny."

"They'll be a surprise proposal," said Executive Producer Frank Valentini. "They'll be a couple of people who've never sung before and they'll be a special duet that I think will blow everybody's mind."

"There's about 50 percent chaos toward the end so people have to stay 'til the end because it's wild," said Lynn Herring, who plays "Lucy." "And the first part is sheer entertainment. Some of our opening numbers are amazing."

"This year, we're playing an original piece that's actually off of an album that I've got," said James Patrick Stuart, who plays "Valentin." "It's a gift for my Dad. My dad was in a band called Chad and Jeremy in the sixties."

"The talent on our show gets to shine, which is super exciting for us," said Laura Wright, who plays "Carly." "When we're sitting in the audience and waiting and waiting all day, we get to see our cast perform."

The red carpet fun and what happens inside the ballroom will take place over four episodes, starting Friday, May 17th.
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