Expect the unexpected in sexy new ABC series 'Grand Hotel'

From the get-go, things got steamy on "Grand Hotel" after a new waiter, Danny, played by Lincoln Younes, met the daughter of the hotel's owner, Alicia, played by Denyse Tontz. As the episodes progress, the co-stars say we can expect the unexpected.

"I haven't seen a show like this in a long time," said Younes. "For a number of reasons: the environment, which is Miami, it's culturally so diverse, so vibrant, so sexy. We have people who work behind the scenes of the hotel, and in front, and we have the guests. We have all these different factors that all come together to create something that I don't think is on TV at the moment."

"And since it's set in a hotel, the possibilities are endless," said Tontz.

"Grand Hotel" has been contemporized and moved to modern-day Miami; but its roots are based on a period piece on Spanish television. Tontz had no trouble researching this role.

"My mom has seen the entire series and when I auditioned for it she gave me the lowdown," said Tontz. "She was hoping I would book it!"

The only down side for Younes... prepping for all those shirtless scenes.

"It was funny. Craft services was a new thing for me because we don't have that in Australia," said Younes. "So I'd be going for that doughnut, then a new script would come in and I'd be like, damn it!"

"Grand Hotel" airs Monday nights at 10 on ABC.
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