Jared breaks two hearts on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

NEW YORK -- Jared started off this week by saying that he could see how relieved Ashley I. was to get the rose, so he felt that he did the right thing in giving it to her. Is it really the right thing if he's leading her on though? Tenley added that she's excited to see where her situation with JJ goes (really?!) but, she's also excited to see who else shows up.

Surprise, surprise, Ashley I. and Lauren are continuing to freaking out and cry on the beach. Lauren says that she wants to leave and she's not there for anyone, so there is no point. The following day, the ladies are now in charge so the men have to up their game! Dan and Ashley S. are having some cute times together. Mikey was sporting a gross looking man bun and hitting on poor Clare who is still not interested. Lauren admits to the group that she's a mistress to an unmarried man, but the guy has a girlfriend who isn't her. She's back at the sleeping area and crying that she shouldn't have come on the show because she's worried that the man that she's a mistress for will be unhappy. Then, she grossly blew her nose for way too long and for some reason we had to see and hear it, thanks producers. Lauren is still hanging on though and hoping that Joshua from Kaitlyn's season will show up.

Guess who walked in, Joshua! He had a date card and the women swarmed him when he arrived. JJ said that he thinks Joshua is a rat, so we'll have to wait and see what happens there. Ashley I. grabbed Joshua right away and is trying to get him to take Lauren out. She does not want her sister to go home. He said he has a few people to get to know first. That probably isn't a good sign for Lauren! In Lauren's conversation with Joshua, she mentioned that she hates getting tested for STD's and she also wanted to know if he likes aggressive women. Nice move Lauren!

Tenley spoke to Joshua about how everyone was in a couple except for her, and she asked him about his dogs and stuff. She was probably the only woman there who actually took the time to ask him about his life. So, as a result, he asked her on his date! Of course, Lauren cried and JJ was shocked that Tenley said "yes" to going on a date with Joshua. The sisters were crying as Lauren packed up to leave and Ashley just kept insulting her sister for her choice to go back to her fake boyfriend back home.

JJ tells Tenley that it's OK that she goes on a date with Joshua, as Tenley brags that Joshua studied theater and that he's a real catch. JJ disagrees. He then said a bunch of gross analogies about how Joshua is just a welder and he's the leading man. Another guy arrives and it was Joe! He got a date card as well and Juelia spoke up and told him that she would love to go on his horseback riding date because she loves horses. Then, everyone was just sitting around and Joe wasn't saying a word. No one knew what to do in that situation. The ladies tried to get him talking, but he was more or less rude to them. Carly even said that despite the guys saying that Joe was funny, he's the opposite of funny. Joe said that it was "terrible" that Clare was there in "Paradise" for a second time. How rude! She walked off and started crying because Joe hurt her feelings. She started telling a raccoon her troubles, how bizarre! Side note: that raccoon had to be trained!

Everyone started talking about how weird Joe is and that he his amazingly awkward. He went down to the pool area and spoke to the ladies about his date card and confused the heck out of them! He kind of asked Juelia on the date but then said that the ball was in her court. How did Kaitlyn end up keeping him around for so long on her season of "The Bachelorette"? Jonathan was a little upset that Joe asked out his lady, but what can he do, that's just the way the show goes.

On Joshua's date with Tenley, they sat around talking about how he performed some Shakespeare in college. Tenley told him about how she worked at Disney in California and Tokyo as Ariel! She really is a Disney princess! She talked about how big his hands were and they made some skin on skin contact by putting their hands together. Tenley said that she actually felt some sparks!

Joshua and Tenley moved on to a dance club where they started kissing! JJ is in denial that Joshua could ever make a love connection with Tenley and he says that he wants to steal her away as soon as she gets back. JJ asks her out on a "real" one on one and says "yes" to that date! What? He takes her down to the beach and starts to kiss her. Tenley! Two guys in one night?! I've underestimated her! As JJ goes to bed, Joshua pulls Tenley aside and kisses her back at his bed! They did some super passionate kissing!

The next day, Juelia was crying about missing her daughter who is back at home. She says that she wants to go on dates only with people she could see a potential future with. She actually was very excited for her date with Joe! He picked her up and told her she looked pretty as Jonathan sadly looked on. Back at the resort, Joshua offered Tenley a massage and she gladly accepted. Then Joshua was talking to the group about how he likes to do Molly (the drug) and how he's a hard core partier. Who knew?! I did not expect that from him!

Mikey is really upset and he wants to go talk to Tenley about what kind of guy Joshua really is. Dan accompanied Mikey to back him up. Tenley was shocked at what they told her. She couldn't believe that Joshua does drugs! She says she's never done a drug in her life. She's willing to forgive someone with a past, but not someone who is currently involved in that kind of lifestyle. Tenley said that she's looking for chemistry and love and she is very disappointed that she misjudged Joshua.

Kirk and Carly are still going strong. She and Kirk talked about how they hoped that Juelia was having fun with Joe and that maybe something great would happen for her. On Juelia's date with Joe, they went horseback riding on the beach and seemed to have fun. Jonathan is hoping that things won't be serious with Joe because he still likes Juelia. He said hopes that it doesn't work out of course. After the horseback riding, Juelia and Joe had a picnic by a waterfall and talked about their lives. He actually started charming her! Joe told Juelia that he was really nervous and that's why he was so silent before. He asked Juelia about her daughter and he told her that he's into kids and that he admires her for being there for the "right reasons". After having a serious talk about their lives, they jumped into the water and started kissing!

Tenley said that she wants to avoid red flag situations because she hasn't followed those warnings in the past. She pulled Joshua aside and so she asked him about his drug use. He told her that he's not a big partier and that maybe back in college he was but not anymore. She asked him about the Molly use, and he said he just did it one time during a bachelor party. He said it's overrated and he doesn't know why it's so popular. He said he would not do it on a regular basis. It really did sound like he did it more than once, but maybe he thought he was just trying to impress the rest of the guys? I mean, it's 2015, who thinks drug use is "cool"?!

Joe and Juelia returned from their date and talked to the group about all of the fun things that they did. Joe's hair looked really good actually! I like it not spiky! The rest of the group felt bad that Juelia was so excited about how the date went and Joe was just like "yeah". Meantime, Dan gave Mikey a heads up that Clare wasn't that into him and warned him that he shouldn't depend on her for a rose. Dan said that Mikey totally didn't get it. He just kept asking how the girls knew that. Mikey! The girls know because they all talk silly! Mikey tried to confirm the situation with Tenley who said Clare wasn't into him but she didn't know all the details.

Ashley I. roamed around the beach and then squatted in the ocean and peed! The bathroom was like a few feet away and she couldn't wait! How weird to do that in front of everyone! Later that evening, Juelia went up to Jonathan and told him that she's now invested into Joe and that she's sorry. Juelia said that she didn't feel romantic chemistry and poor Jonathan then understood that unless someone takes pity on him, he would be headed home. Joe meantime said, "She's not very smart is she?" presumably about Juelia! He even told the producers that the kiss with her "wasn't good". He added that he only kissed her because he wanted the rose. He said ideally, he gets a rose from Juelia and then Samantha would arrive and he could give her a rose instead.

Meantime, Clare tried to make a better connection with Jared. Ashley I. says that she's not worried because Clare is too old for him. Ashley I. said that "her eggs are almost dead!" Think again Ashley! Mikey is still holding out hope that Clare will give him a rose. A date card arrived and it was for Jared! It said, "Sea if you can fall in love on tomorrow's date." Jared decided to ask Clare. Ashley I. and Mikey freaked out! Mikey spit on the beach and started talking about how upset he was about that decision. Ashley I. also walked off and started, you guessed it, crying again! All of the ladies tried to reassure her that she wouldn't end up 40 and unmarried and never have kids. Really Ashley? You thought Jared was that guy for you? Aw honey!

Then Jared went to talk to Mikey. Mikey said that "if you want to date a girl eight years older than you, that's your prerogative." Mikey told him that he doesn't think it feels right, and he's very upset about it. He said that he wished Jared would have told him ahead of time. Clare went up to Mikey and he told her that he doesn't want to talk to her right then because he's too upset. He said that he felt disrespected and he doesn't want to trade around with different people. Clare told him he's not the guy for her if he's going to react like that. Mikey says that he wants to leave because he can't take it anymore, but he never packed up and left, he just sat in his bed and cried. Clare also went back to her bed and cried and talked to Juelia because of Mikey yelling at her. And just like that, Jared is the villain!
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