Actors John C. Reilly, Steve Coogan transform themselves in new movie 'Stan & Ollie'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actors John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan transform into classic comedy duo Laurel and Hardy in the new movie "Stan & Ollie," thanks to top makeup wizards.

The film takes us from the comedians' early days through their final days working together.

To get their looks just right, director Jon S. Baird assembled a team of experts to transform the two actors. Baird has been a fan of "Laurel and Hardy" since he was a little boy.

"Laurel and Hardy's DNA is in comedy, you know, from where they started right through now," said Baird. "And you ask any of the top comedians who's in their top five comedians, Laurel and Hardy will always be there. They've got a childlike quality as well about them, you know? And that's why people are fascinated with them. And I really hope this film brings them to a whole new audience together."

To help Coogan and Reilly look their parts meant some behind-the-scenes wizards needed to get to work. Coogan's process wasn't as labor intensive.

"He stuck a chin on me and some ears and teeth," said Coogan. "Of course, that's a great way into the character, you know? You can see what they look like. You look in the mirror, you think, 'Wow, I look different. I look like Stan Laurel.'"

Reilly's transformation required more of everything. Besides the various prosthetic pieces glued to his face and hands, he also wore a body suit that mirrored Hardy's physique.

"It changed everything about me. It was quite a transformation," said Reilly. "The process of the exterior look of the characters is really the job of other people, and then that internal journey is something that both Steve and I had to do in equal measure."

"Stan & Ollie" is rated PG and is in theaters now.
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